6 Important marketing tactics

1. Event Driven:

Invite influential people to participate in an event like dinner, or ceremonial function, corporate function, or an online event. This kind of event is the one of the tactics to impress the client

2. Social promotions:

Create an effective content, and use social platforms and email channels to publish it ,so that we can reach our product to a large amount of people in a short amount of period.the influencers also an another part of social promotions

3. Endorsement: When a celebrity uses the product and likes it so much, that a brand hires that person the endorse it. Because of the inherent social proof, fans of the influencer are much more likely to try the product.

4. content: Content is the important tool for publicising and promoting your product through medias, A content is like a fish net , though that we can collect and attract large amount of people to sell our products

5. Influencer : As effective and sometimes more effective are getting 30-50 lesser known but socially popular influencers (trainers, players, bloggers, politicians,leaders, in startsetc.) to promote a product, event or social cause within a short time frame.

6.Building an influencer Community: Influential people in sports and celebrities are great for social proof and will help drive awareness and sales. But they are not willing to help you build an engaged community around your product. The best approach is to have a mix of celebrity and lesser known influencers. The former to draw massive awareness, the latter to nurture them into advocates for your organization


This article is originally Referred from : forbes



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