To generate sales leads


1. Podcasts

A well-planned and executed podcast can not only help build backlinks and improve company search engine rankings, but also generate real interest. Those listeners will then become the kind of informed and excited high-quality leads that can quickly turn into high-quality customers.

2. Online Discussions/Webinars

Skype, Google+ Hangouts, and online business communities are perfectly formatted to allow companies and clients to have an open discussion in real time. Open webinars that allow for question-and-answer sessions are considered ‘very useful’ by 92% of webinar attendees. Build trust, share your vision of the future, and get to know the people on whom your business depends, and you’ll be doing more to generate good leads than any 140-character non-sequitur could ever accomplish.

3. Pinterest.

Pinterest is a relatively simple social media platform that allows users to share images with one another. But don’t let its apparent lack of complexity fool you: Pinterest has 70 million registered users, 40 million of which are considered active (posting on a monthly basis). And of those millions of users, 70% say that they visit Pinterest in order to get inspiration about what to purchase.

4. Content Marketing

Although content marketing may not be quite as unknown as some of the others in this list (given that 91% of B2B, and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing), it still isn’t being fully utilized by many organizations. In fact,  only 32% of marketers believe that they are effectively executing enough content.

5. Landing pages

Potential customers who take the time to visit your site have already engaged in the most difficult aspect of lead generation. By demonstrating an interest in what you have to offer, they make it possible for you to narrow your focus so the majority of your efforts are directed towards leads that are more likely to convert.

That said, across the internet approximately 60–90% of landing page visitors bounce(leave the site without visiting any other pages), and of those who leave, roughly 98% will never return. Despite this, 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to generate new sales leads.

This article is originally taken from: salesforce



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