Find your Prospects


Everyone is not your customer

Seth Godin

First of all , we have to know well about our products , before we going to find our products.

Learn the customer issues

Before that create products which should solve the issues of the customers. A customer couldn’t come and say about their issues voluntarily until we reach them,we should go to them in many ways , either through social medias, advertisement, emails, phone calls and websites, there you can ask them about their issues.

Reaching the customers

Go and reach the customers either via any mediums are in direct . so that we can get a knowledge about their issues.. when we reach them we can’t easily put their tongue out. we should behave with them friendly.. and we should create a trust on you and your company.. then get a list of issues that they facing with the products which they are already using .

Get knowledge about their issues

And when we got an outline of their issues, it is must important that make a research on their issues .


Then classify the customers based on their issues , and understand what are the issues that can solved by you, and your products, here we can make a decision on who are the prospects that we are going to sell our products and who are not.

Prepare a solution:

get some ideas for the solution, it may be either temporary or permanent solution, prepare the lot of suggestions, and other options that they should take on their products.. educate your customer about where they are, and where they should go to

Gather the information of your prospects:

Get inform about their personal , and professional Contacts if they are willing to provide. and do lead research on prospects, Create customer persona.

Don’t let go your prospects away from you:

Don’t make the customers suffer for purchasing the products which can solve their issues. instead of showing your product and explain about your product, and do not make compel on them to buy your products, when they are start listening up, make stronger authorities and trustworthy words, believable explanations.

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